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RO Chemicals


Our chemical products are based on advanced formulations and include RO membrane cleaners, RO antiscalants, biocides and flocculants. Our advanced formulations have been developed specifically for the international desalination and reverse osmosis sectors and offer significant safety, cost, environmental and operational performance benefits over traditional products.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Antiscalant
The use of high performance RO membrane scale inhibitors is an essential component of any good reverse osmosis plant management programme. Reverse Osmosis Chemicals International offer a range of advanced technology RO scale inhibitors developed to deliver superior scale prevention performance, product stability across a wide pH range and excellent membrane compatibility.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners
The use of high quality membrane cleaners and specially formulated RO antifoulants are an important part of any reverse osmosis plant programme. There are advantages in cleaning membranes at an early stage of fouling, as irreversible damage can occur when cleaning excessively fouled membranes.
Reverse Osmosis Biocides
Our range of high performance biocides are suitable for use in reverse osmosis systems. Non-oxidizing, non-ionic biocides can be used either on line or as part of a cleaning program to control biofouling in reverse osmosis membranes. When used as an on-line treatment, ROC biocides should be dosed prior to the RO system to control bio-growth in the membranes.
Reverse Osmosis Flocculants
It is important to carefully monitor the quality of the reverse osmosis feed water to ensure that the Silt Density Index (SDI) does not exceed the maximum specified by the membrane manufacturer. The SDI can be controlled using our flocculation aids either alone, or in combination with other products.
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