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JingChuan Water is your water treatment partner, providing expert water treatment chemicals and solution in China. We know that partnerships are the foundation for success.  That’s why we have committed ourselves to treating every client with honesty and integrity – it’s how we earn your trust.Our Honesty and competitive pricing is the secret of our success.
We have grown year on year and are now one of the leading companies in the field providing high quality, cost-effective service to many major China and overseas organizations.
As a simple, effective and economic solution for the problem of scale deposits, we supply all kinds of polyphosphates, including polyphosphate balls, polyphosphate crystals (granules), powder and solution.
As a highly water soluble polymer synthesized by artificial technology, polyaspartic acid has the properties of phosphate-free, non-hazardous, non-pollution and completely biodegradable, which is accepted for “Green Chemicals” to the scientists all over the world. We supply Polyphosphate Acid, Polyaspartic acid Sodium salt, Polyaspartic acid Potassium salt, including powder and solution.
 Also, we supply PSI, RO chemicals(such as RO Antiscalant, Membrane Cleaner, Biocide and Flocculant) and Decoloring Agent.


Tel: +86-531-88069691 Fax: +86-531-88069691 Email:
Skype: jcwatercare MSN: Add: No.15 Huaxin Road, Jinan City, 250100, China